Monday, September 29, 2014

Weird and Wonderful Creations {Review}

Here is a book that I can confidently stand behind, Weird and Wonderful Creations. This is a science book for kids that has the Creator showcased throughout!

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time then you know that I am an avid creationist and strive to find quality resources for our homeschool that support this way of thinking! 

This can be quite a challenge as a "thrifty" mom because I am often drawn to used book sales. Usually if I am able to find any science goodies at these sales, for the most part they are evolution based. They may not scream evolution, but even the smallest hint of evolution based thinking often causes me to dismiss the book altogether.

With that said, I am willing to go out of my way and purchase quality creation based science materials that I can feel confident having my children read! This book is written at a second grade reading level which has been perfect for my first grader! From the moment this book arrived in the mail he has been thumbing through the exciting pictures asking me what each thing is! 

From Venus fly traps to the Giant Sequoias this little first grader has gained a wealth of knowledge in a short time! Some of the pages are even easy enough for him to read himself while others are challenging enough for him to keep on keeping on! Each new fact that I've read to him has captivated his attention. There are plenty of pictures and over 200 fun facts about different plants, insects, snakes and sea creatures! 

I highly recommend this book for homeschool parents and parents of children who simply love the outdoors and nature! A great gift or a great resource book! It also works well as a reader for beginning readers.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Book Look from providing this book for the purpose of this review! All opinions stated are my own.

Preschoolers and Peace {Review}

Preschoolers and Peace Review
Stressed out? Unsure if you can homeschool older ones with preschoolers in the house? Kendra Fletcher from the blog Preschoolers and Peace has written an e-book called Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling Older Kids with Success While Loving the Little Ones at Your Feet to encourage homeschooling mothers from all walks of life that they CAN do it! 
Don't you just love the picture on the cover of the book? The crying toddler on the right? Yes. That is life my friend, and this book encourages you that even with the demands of preschoolers, you can find structure and stability in your homeschool! Written by a homeschool parent FOR homeschool parents!

Preschoolers and Peace Review
This e-book is a quick read, just under fifty pages. If you need a quick pick-me-up that also provides practical information and suggestions then this book is for you! The author is not a novice but has eight children ages twenty down to five. She encourages by sharing lessons learned, experiences and with Scripture!

Some topics covered in this book:

~ Planning Around Preschoolers

~ Preschool Chores

~ How do I Keep Them Busy?

~ Preschool Boys

~ Meal Planning 101
It's funny, on the first day that I officially started my daughter in homeschool preschool I was first introduced to this book. I was kind of stressed and wondering how in the world the rest of the year was going to work! My daughter is a bundle of energy who is eager to learn. So I was really excited to read this book and get some advice!
Unfortunetly, I had misinterpreted the definition of preschooler. You see, prior to kids, I taught preschool and the age range for the actual preschool class was four through five. The three year olds weren't really considered preschoolers and were in a class of their own. So in my mind, when I think of preschooler, I think of that age range. Even though that IS one definition of the word, the other definition, which is the one the author was most likely referring to was, "a child who is old enough to talk and walk but not old enough to go to school." Hence, the pre

This book is a gem and I imagine to be coveted by many moms with little ones. After reading it, I realize that it is geared more towards moms with toddlers and even though that isn't a stage in life I am in presently, I know that the information provided in this book will be a powerful encouragement to many moms with toddlers or who are expecting. I can't tell you how many moms I talk to you are just plain nervous about having another baby because they don't know how it will fit into to their homeschool routine! I always think about how I know that there are many moms who do it, all the time, and know there is a book to take a glimpse into the lives of one of those moms!

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Get To Know Mary {Review}

Get To Know Mary  by Nancy I. Sanders is a full-color biography written for children. This book is just about 100 pages filled with colorful photos, a timeline and maps of the land of the Bible. The way in which this book was written presents the information of this well-known historical, Biblical figure in a simple and easy way for children to understand. This is an excellent homeschool resource, especially is you are looking for biographies for your child to study. 

This book is full of historical facts from the time that Mary lived and includes pictures even from modern day Israel. Interesting facts are dispersed throughout the book and vocabulary words and their definitions are found throughout the text to help shed some little on the information presented. Bible heroes and eyewitness accounts are found throughout the book as well, keeping it engaging and entertaining for young readers!

In addition to the life of Mary, your child will learn about the following:

~ The Western Wall
~ The Dead Sea Scrolls
~ Jewish Feasts
~ Mosaic from Tabgha
~Cross of Jesus
~Much, Much More!

Disclaimer: This book was provided free from the Book Look blogger program for the purpose of this review. 
All opinions stated are my own.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Franklin County Agricultural Fair {Review}

What a success! How fun! The first Franklin County Agricultural Fair in close to forty years!

We were sure to be a part of this event, and my children were glad we were! My husband was a vendor, and I'll have to say that Saturday was the best day for his business! Even though the rain affected a few of the nights, it certainly didn't last the whole time and by Saturday the crowds had gathered! The first two nights were a bit slow but I'm assuming it was because they were weeknights and for those with kids, school nights. Friday night was my children's favorite, primarily because most of their friends came that night and they were able to enjoy the rides with them!

 It was picturesque, really, because once the sun set, the lights lit up the County Recreation Park and transformed it into something special. For many kids in this area, this is the first time they've experienced a fair. It was exciting running into friends and their kids and enjoying the evening together. They enjoyed running around together and doing something a bit out the ordinary. What I loved about this fair was the fact that the wristbands provided unlimited rides for the day. Rather than paying a few dollars a ride, you pay $10 a day and can ride as many rides as you (or your child) can handle! Some of the rides my four year old wasn't able to join her older brothers on, but there were plenty for her to ride on for her age! Her favorite was the merry-go-round anyways, easy to please!

My seven year old is seen above on his favorite ride of the event. He LOVED the swings. Simple. Glad he wasn't on one of the rides for older kids like the one below the whole time, I probably would have been super nervous! Especially the ones that went upside down, yikes! Although, I remember liking them when I was a kid, my, I am getting old!

I was impressed by the professionalism and quality of the fair, especially since it was the first one in many years! I only heard positive reports from fair goers and the only negative response I heard were from people after the fact who didn't go and wish that they had! I even ran into a family two separate nights of the fair who enjoyed themselves so much the first evening that they just had to come back! They only live right down the road and their kids had never been to an amusement park so they were excited their kids could experience this right in their own town! Others simply raved about how excited they were to share this experience with their kids and their families. 

When the kids weren't riding rides, there was plenty to do! The BMX stunt show was their fav and I was surprised how much they like the clown show, but they were really into it and kept trying to use the clowns jokes on us days after the fair! The last day of the fair included fun contests such as a frying pan throwing contest for the ladies and a handsome man contest for men to show off their beards or handlebar mustaches!

 My daughter brought home her very own goldfish and my son brought home a blue ribbon for some marigolds that he grew from seed this year!

 He was so thrilled to have won a prize which I love because it will encourage him to keep on growing things in his garden. Note: he is only six, so his older brother took notice and said that he wanted to grow some things for the fair next year!

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by the Franklin County Agricultural Fair. All opinions stated are my own.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Get to Know Jesus {Book Review}

When I first received Get to Know Jesus by Nancy I. Sanders I wasn't quite sure which angle the author was going to take with a title like that! Is it talking about your relationship with Jesus, or is it more focused on his humanity and what His life here on earth was like? Well, the answer is the former and the information was presented extremely well. Basically, this book is a children's biography on the life of Jesus. And don't let that scare you! It's not simply a historical account but it clearly defines Jesus as God, man and Savior. It is a history book, and not too long, only 109 pages. The beautiful color illustrations show relevant artwork and images to help bring history to life. This book includes color maps, a timeline and fun facts! 

There is a cute key in the front of the book that explains the meanings behind certain symbols used to present certain facts throughout the margins of the book. For example, when you see and oil lamp pictured, there will be a Scripture reference or if you see a scroll, know that there is a new word to learn about! Some words include judgement, defeat and establish.

What I enjoyed the most was how complex facts and events were presented in a fun and simple way for kids to not only understand but to enjoy! Honestly, many things presented in his book such as the temple or Dead Sea Scrolls were things that I wasn't exposed to until college! It is neat to find a book that presents material that I learned in college written for elementary age students! It is valuable and interesting information with plenty of pictures and a variety of fun facts that children will enjoy. This book takes the student to the land of the Bible without leaving the comfort of their own home! 

If you are looking for biography resources for your child whether you homeschool or for a class assignment, I highly recommend this book from Sander's biography series. She also has written biographies for King David, Paul, and Mary.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the above title for the purpose of this review from the Book Look Blogger program. All opinions stated are my own.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Schwan's Home Delivery {Review}

 Guess what pulled into my driveway last week? You got it. A Schwan's truck! And, no, they didn't have the wrong address, I actually did request a delivery! How could I pass up food delivered right to your door?

Let me tell you, this truck was huge. I don't know what I was expecting but there was no missing this delivery!

Are you curious as to what I ordered?

It wasn't an appetizer, though I was tempted to order their Zesty Jalapeno Bites or Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skins! It wasn't an entree, although the Chicken Alfredo Rigatoni or Prime Rib Shepherd's Pie would be perfect to order when there is a new baby in the house and there isn't any time to prepare a good home cooked meal! So, that leaves the desserts. The pies and cakes looked amazing, but I went ahead and stuck with the simplicity of  good old fashioned ice-cream! Each one of my children got to pick out a flavor of their choice, and I have to say, the frozen goodness is almost gone!


You can't go wrong with ice-cream! 

How it works is, you first head over to the Schwan's online grocery website. Once you've perused through their vast variety of appetizers, entrees and desserts, you place your order. When you place your order you can see when the next scheduled delivery date is for your area. Where I live, Schwan's delivers every two weeks but it may be different in other areas. My delivery time was on a Friday between 1-3 so I had to be sure to be home then since I did order ice-cream! (Not something I want sitting out on my front porch). 

I paid online but the tax said that it was only an estimated amount so when the delivery woman came, I still owed nine cents, so be sure to have some change on hand just in case even if you did pay online, (good thing it was only nine cents!) Or, you can choose to pay when they arrive if you aren't comfortable giving your information over the Internet. Either way, when the delivery woman comes she will go over your order and then share with you any deals that they are currently running. 

Once you confirm your order she will find your goodies in the truck, my daughter loved this part, since she doesn't frequent the typical ice-cream truck, this was the closest thing!

Having food delivered to your door isn't for the future! It's always good to have extra meals in the freezer for those days you just don't have the time or energy to prepare a meal for your family. Schwan's provides a wide variety of meals, snacks and desserts that can be a fun treat on occasion!

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Schwan's and US Family Guide. All opinions stated are my own.