Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Be Transformed- Virginia Homeschool Convention 2016 {HEAV}

Top Ten Things I LOVED 
About the 2016 HEAV Convention

10- Being a HEAV Blogger
This was my third time attending a HEAV convention but my first time going as a convention blogger. What an amazing opportunity! I was able to make new connections with both bloggers and vendors all while sharing my experience with the homeschooling community. 

9-  Meeting The Family From The The Brinkman Adventures
As we traveled to the convention, about a three and a half hour drive, we listened to the Christian, audio drama, The Brinkman Adventures. My whole family enjoys listening to this series about a large family who have a heart for missions. At the convention, we were able to meet two of the kids from this production, Gracie and Isaac. My children were thrilled to put faces behind the names! It was a blast meeting them. We also made sure to pick up another set of CD's to enjoy on the car ride home!

8- The Activities For The Kids
The Thursday art class with Sharon Jeffus of Visual Manna and the annual homeschool chess tournament were a big hit with my kids! My older boys loved working with clay and creating their own works of art. The class was packed and I even met parents who were bummed that they didn't sign their kids up in time, so if you want to sign your child up for a Thursday class next year, do it early! Also, the chess tournament was fun to watch. My oldest son was nervous going in but was thrilled to walk out with a trophy. This opportunity certainly was a good boost for his confidence!

7- Being in the city
From the hotel stay to the good eats, we enjoyed simply being the city. My kids are not used to the lights, sounds and experiences of the city so this was a big deal to them. They even asked to sleep with the curtains pulled open at night so they could watch the city lights. We love trying out new restaurants so we had fun walking around and giving new ones a shot each evening. The old buildings were impressive as well, it certainly added to the experience as a whole.

6- Joel Salatin
My husband had a chance to go to his sessions, which he really enjoyed. It was certainly a highlight even though I only had the opportunity to sit in on a part of it, due to a verbal baby! Just seeing my son and husband excited after hearing him speak was a highlight for me!
5- Mike Farris' Keynote Session
I wanted my kids to experience at least one keynote. It's a different experience than the workshops. Mike Farris shared about the relevance of homeschooling in today's day and age and I appreciated his message. 

4- The Bread Becker Booth in the exhibit hall

Free samples? Yes, please! We kept coming back to this booth to try homemade pancakes and other goodies throughout the convention. We weren't able to hear Sue Becker speak but she handed out CD's of former sessions. We brought them home and listened to them once everything calmed down and it was powerful! And yes, we are now looking for a grain mill, haha!
3- Taking my son to hear Kirk Martin
I loved the humor used to address difficult topics such as discipline. All my son remembers from the session is the fact that he referenced to Legos and Leave It To Beaver, but he loved it! I've even begun to implement some of his suggestions in my own disciplinary actions. 

2- The Used Curriculum Sale
Used books, need I say more? I really am thankful for the exhibit hall because there are certain materials that I can only get there but the used curriculum sale is a huge blessing too! I could spend hours in that sale but even though I only got in there for a short time, I was extremley thankful for what I found! And the best part? I sold some items there and made about the same amount that I spent! Perfect.  

1- My FAMILY came!
This was the first year that my family joined me and it certainly won't be the last! It made the experience so much richer having them there. They are already talking about how they can't wait to come back next year!

Disclaimer: I received a full convention pass in exchange for being a convention blogger.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

5 Field Trip Ideas For Young Ones (On a Budget)

Looking to take your young ones on some field trips this year but plan on sticking to a tight budget? Here are some inexpensive ideas that will help them learn more about your local community... Read More at Our Homeschool Forum

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Makeup Tips For Oily Skin In Summer

The following is a guest post, brought to you by Matchzup Coupon Site. Having had skin issues at the beach already this summer, this advice couldn't have come at a better time! Enjoy. 

Summer can present major issues for young ladies. As a result of slick skin,  zits and different polluting influences can ruin the skin due to the heat. Here are some simple tips that can help you with your your makeup and give you cool and crisp look throughout this unforgiving season. 

The one imperative thing is that you need to get ready for summer makeup, deliberately. The makeup you use now may not make you flawless and elegant normally in a hot, damp climate so here are some summer makeup tips for oily skin. Take these strides and get impeccable makeup even if you live in a hot and muggy climate!

1. Scrub Your Skin

This is the initial step before wearing makeup if you oily skin in the summer, especially when at the ocean. Scrubbing your skin is most imperative to do before applying makeup. This practice is suggested by skin experts and makeup craftsmen. A good, quality, scour will help encourage new skin growth through the disposing of all your dead skin. On the off chance that you have purging moisturizer of good quality brand, then you can utilize that likewise.

2. Use Oil-Free Cream

It is best to utilize oil-free cream throughout the hot summer season. Oil-free cream will make your skin sweat free. This is the most imperative summer makeup tip for sleek skin. Before putting on any sort of makeup, it is essential to saturate your skin with oil-free lotion. Also, ensure that the cream is water- based.
3. Use Smearing Paper

Smearing paper is a great way to prevent an abundance of oil. For sleek skin,  utilize smudging paper at whatever point required. Smudging paper is a good way to help you evacuate the abundance oil. It also helps you to look new and refreshed.

4. Makeup Preparation

Subsequent to peeling and saturating the skin, you will need to expel oil from your skin. In this case, utilize oil-free foundation. Oil-free foundation will leave profoundly benefit your skin. Remember, applying foundation with your fingers in summer season can warm it up. So,  use a brush and mix well before applying.

5. Apply Translucent Powder

When applying foundation, mix it deliberately to get smooth look. Utilize a face powder or translucent powder with a brush. Powder will set in the most ideal way. Utilize light powder as per your establishment and skin tone to make it blend in.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cool Off!

Beat the heat and treat your family to a refreshing visit to Wet' N Wild Emerald Pointe this week! I admit, I was born and raised a Yankee. It's true. I remember summer as being warm but never as scorching hot as it is down here in the south! 

Dealing with the heat, with children, has been interesting. I have had to be creative in this department otherwise the complaints come rolling in. If I don't plan several activities that are both fun and will help keep the kids cool then they will just want to stay in the air conditioning all day long. 

Not happening. 

We have wooded areas and a creek on our property, which helps keep the kids a bit cooler on those intense summer days. We also live close to a river and a lake, which we visit quite often to cool down. Yet nothing beats the adventure and excitement of a water park! The kids always have such memorable experiences that they can't stop talking about for weeks afterward! This summer, we plan on visiting Wet' N Wild Emerald Pointe in Greensboro, NC! 

Waterslides, cabana's to keep cool, refreshments to keep you going, a lazy river, wave pool and so much more. Stay tuned for pictures and a write up of our experience!

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Monday, June 13, 2016

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