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Breastfeeding while traveling

Breastfeeding while Traveling

Traveling with a newborn baby can be tough and strenuous – let alone if you have to breastfeed that child as well!

But as much of a hassle as it seems – it’s actually awesome! Let’s look on the bright side. Thousands of mothers breastfeed while roaming the world with your babies, so there’s no reason why you can’t either! There are plenty of pros of breastfeeding while traveling, and we’ll highlight the ups and downs here.

Pros of breastfeeding while traveling

Breastfeeding while traveling with a baby can save you some serious money and convenience. Having

It’s super convenient!

Having to worry about buying baby food at home can be annoying, so having to worry about buying baby food while traveling can SUPER annoying.

If you want to feed your baby non-breast milk, you’ll have to search for your babies favorite brands… not always easy when you are in different places around the world!

So you either have to A) stock up on your trusted brands and carry them everywhere you travel to or B) let mother nature handle it!

If you are going to a resort or traveling in a camper, then stocking up on your babies favorite brand is an easier option. Otherwise, it’s going to get super annoying carrying around 7 pounds of mashed peas.

You can save a lot of money

This can add up to a ton of saved money and time.

Pro travel hack – When I traveled while breastfeeding, I carried around a batch of protein powder in a ziplock bag. This ensured that my body was getting the nutrients it needed, my baby was well nourished, and we didn’t lose any time traveling. Check out this awesome article to see the best whey protein for breastfeeding. 

The last benefit? You still get to have the beautiful connection with your baby while gallivanting across the world   🙂

Cons of breastfeeding while traveling

I truly believe the pros of breastfeeding while traveling outweight the cons, but there are a few things to consider.

Personal comfort

Depending where you are traveling, you may or may not feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. Breastfeeding in public has the capacity to draw unwanted attention. A foreign woman can stick out a lot in a new country as it is, especially if she is breastfeeding.

To combat this, many women will pump and carry the breastmilk in bottles.

While this is a great solution to enhance your personal comfort, carrying liquids can be heavy, and it might drain you to have to carry such weight and worry about the bottles. This is recommended depending on your personal needs and your style of travel.


Overall, whether at home, traveling the world, or anywhere in between, breastfeeding with your baby is a beautiful experience and bond between mother and child.

If you plan to travel with your breastfeeding child – get excited! This decision will save you an enormous amount of hassle, time, and money! Freeing you and your family up to travel and focus on what really matters. Eachother!

What do you think? Have you traveled while breastfeeding? Got any tips for mothers thinking about it? Comment below!

How Do I Find The Tax ID Number For The Estate Of The Deceased?

Any entity, business or otherwise, that deals with money must file a tax return.  Therefore, it must have an IRS EIN number.  These entities can be businesses, non-profit organizations, or even the estate of a deceased individual tax ID number. Tax ID numbers for these types of entities are called Employer Identification Numbers (EIN).  It might seem strange at first that an estate would have an EIN, since it is not an employer.  EIN is just the term that the IRS uses for Tax ID numbers for most types of entities.  Real people have social security numbers; everything else has an EIN.

What Is an Estate and Why Does It Need an EIN?

An estate is the wealth of a deceased person.  It needs an EIN because it engages in financial dealings.  Specifically, the estate transfers its assets to the heirs specified in the deceased person’s will.  At least one person is put in charge of the estate to make sure that the assets are distributed according to the deceased person’s instructions.  The other major financial dealing of an estate is that it must file a tax return, whether or not it has income.  Some estates earn income on investments made by the deceased person when he was alive.

How to Find the EIN of an Estate

If the estate has its own bank account, you can find the EIN by calling the bank where the account is held.  If you do not know where it has a bank account, you can find the EIN by calling the IRS.  Specifically, you should call the Business and Specialty Entity line at the IRS.

It is easy to find the EIN of an estate.  The only caveat is that you may have to spend some time on hold on the phone.