Road Trip

How to save on travel as a family in Canada

Road Trip

Wanted to experience Canada last year but elected to wait out the crowds streaming into the country in 2017? The Canada 150 celebrations may be over, but there are still plenty of amazing experiences waiting for you north of the border.

This country can be pricey, though, so it’s important to find savings wherever you can find them. This article will offer up a few suggestions on how you can do just that.

1) Favour road trips over planes

Canada is a big country. If you plan on seeing wide swathes of it during your vacation, you’ll need to board a plane more than a few times. However, you should be aware that domestic air fares are expensive in this country, making it difficult to travel as a family if you are pinching pennies.

Instead, load up the car with your bags, tents, and a cooler, and make for Canada over land. Despite higher prices for gasoline north of the border, you’ll be saving bundles of cash than if you were to attempt to fly. Just be sure factor in drive times into your plans, and study up on games to play with the kids so they don’t get impatient during the long travel days you’ll have on this adventure.

2) Buy a national park pass

Plan on spending your Canadian vacation taking in the best nature it has to offer? If you will be visiting more than a couple national parks over the course of a few weeks, it will be worth your while to purchase an annual national park pass.

While the free pass period (instituted to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017) has expired, the $136 it costs to cover a family will more than pay for itself over a long road trip hitting multiple parks.

During your trip, there may be times where the weather doesn’t cooperate. Don’t let a little rain ruin your evening – whip out your tablet, connect to the nearest tower, and play some casino games while you wait for things to clear.

Click here, and you will find sites that will allow you to play everything from slots to blackjack – who knows, you might hit a jackpot that will pay for the entire trip!

3) Go camping or with Airbnb over staying in motels

For generations, families on vacation have taken staying in motels for granted. However, with incomes on a losing streak for the past thirty years and prices rising, a search for better solutions has begun.

Those not afraid of the outdoors have started to rediscover this marvelous place. With a cooler, camping stove, ground sheet, and a large enough tent, you’ll be able to stay in the midst of the best natural scenery Canada has to offer at a fraction the cost of motels.

Some just aren’t cut out for the Canadian wilderness, prefer urban amenities, or are visiting the Great White North outside summer. In these scenarios, Airbnb is the superior choice, as they offer apartments and homes for rent at prices that are competitive or even lower what is charged by some motel chains.

Not only will you save relative to what you get, but you’ll have access to self-catering facilities and a variety of homely environments – something you would be lucky to find in any motel room.

Breastfeeding while traveling

Breastfeeding while Traveling

Traveling with a newborn baby can be tough and strenuous – let alone if you have to breastfeed that child as well!

But as much of a hassle as it seems – it’s actually awesome! Let’s look on the bright side. Thousands of mothers breastfeed while roaming the world with your babies, so there’s no reason why you can’t either! There are plenty of pros of breastfeeding while traveling, and we’ll highlight the ups and downs here.

Pros of breastfeeding while traveling

Breastfeeding while traveling with a baby can save you some serious money and convenience. Having

It’s super convenient!

Having to worry about buying baby food at home can be annoying, so having to worry about buying baby food while traveling can SUPER annoying.

If you want to feed your baby non-breast milk, you’ll have to search for your babies favorite brands… not always easy when you are in different places around the world!

So you either have to A) stock up on your trusted brands and carry them everywhere you travel to or B) let mother nature handle it!

If you are going to a resort or traveling in a camper, then stocking up on your babies favorite brand is an easier option. Otherwise, it’s going to get super annoying carrying around 7 pounds of mashed peas.

You can save a lot of money

This can add up to a ton of saved money and time.

Pro travel hack – When I traveled while breastfeeding, I carried around a batch of protein powder in a ziplock bag. This ensured that my body was getting the nutrients it needed, my baby was well nourished, and we didn’t lose any time traveling. Check out this awesome article to see the best whey protein for breastfeeding. 

The last benefit? You still get to have the beautiful connection with your baby while gallivanting across the world   🙂

Cons of breastfeeding while traveling

I truly believe the pros of breastfeeding while traveling outweight the cons, but there are a few things to consider.

Personal comfort

Depending where you are traveling, you may or may not feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. Breastfeeding in public has the capacity to draw unwanted attention. A foreign woman can stick out a lot in a new country as it is, especially if she is breastfeeding.

To combat this, many women will pump and carry the breastmilk in bottles.

While this is a great solution to enhance your personal comfort, carrying liquids can be heavy, and it might drain you to have to carry such weight and worry about the bottles. This is recommended depending on your personal needs and your style of travel.


Overall, whether at home, traveling the world, or anywhere in between, breastfeeding with your baby is a beautiful experience and bond between mother and child.

If you plan to travel with your breastfeeding child – get excited! This decision will save you an enormous amount of hassle, time, and money! Freeing you and your family up to travel and focus on what really matters. Eachother!

What do you think? Have you traveled while breastfeeding? Got any tips for mothers thinking about it? Comment below!

How Do I Find The Tax ID Number For The Estate Of The Deceased?

Any entity, business or otherwise, that deals with money must file a tax return.  Therefore, it must have an IRS EIN number.  These entities can be businesses, non-profit organizations, or even the estate of a deceased individual tax ID number. Tax ID numbers for these types of entities are called Employer Identification Numbers (EIN).  It might seem strange at first that an estate would have an EIN, since it is not an employer.  EIN is just the term that the IRS uses for Tax ID numbers for most types of entities.  Real people have social security numbers; everything else has an EIN.

What Is an Estate and Why Does It Need an EIN?

An estate is the wealth of a deceased person.  It needs an EIN because it engages in financial dealings.  Specifically, the estate transfers its assets to the heirs specified in the deceased person’s will.  At least one person is put in charge of the estate to make sure that the assets are distributed according to the deceased person’s instructions.  The other major financial dealing of an estate is that it must file a tax return, whether or not it has income.  Some estates earn income on investments made by the deceased person when he was alive.

How to Find the EIN of an Estate

If the estate has its own bank account, you can find the EIN by calling the bank where the account is held.  If you do not know where it has a bank account, you can find the EIN by calling the IRS.  Specifically, you should call the Business and Specialty Entity line at the IRS.

It is easy to find the EIN of an estate.  The only caveat is that you may have to spend some time on hold on the phone.

Essential Tips On How To Prepare Your Kids To Travel

Many people still firmly believe in that old, stubborn myth that “family and travel don’t mix,” and that young couples are doomed to staying home until their children are old enough to get married and have their own offspring. However, lots of examples are showing that the opposite is true, i.e. modern technologies and methods allow parents to prepare the kids for travel without much hassle. Of course, every child in the world is unique, and it is hard to establish a universal set of rules for a family travel, but some principles and practices can make your vacation quite enjoyable, and most off all – you will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend time with your loved ones.

 Plan Ahead And Start Preparing On Time

Since living with small children can quickly turn into a hectic mess of crying and laughing, parents need to be aware of the importance of planning for their travels. As we all know, it is hard to predict everything and some people enjoy a touch of spontaneity, but the early booking of hotels and similar arrangements can save you from a lot of frustrating moments. Toddlers and infants will not allow you stay out for long during hot summer months and the same can be said about winter periods, which means that you have to prepare your stops early on. Also, packing is something that will take much more time when your kids are around, and if you can – try involving them in the process as much as possible. This activity will make them interested in the trip, and it will give them something to occupy themselves with, which means that you get a win/win situation out of this.

Pack Carefully And Double Check Everything

The first thing you need to do before you even begin to pack is to know your baggage limit. In case you are traveling by plane, your luggage will contain fewer items than if you are preparing for a cross-country drive in a large SUV. That is why essentials are the key, and items such as paperwork, tickets, wallets, must-have toys, and passports are best packed early on, and you should also double check those things right before you leave on the trip. Medications and first-aid kits are also items that you cannot afford to forget so make sure that they are packed appropriately. Remember to order travel insurance before you leave too!

Keep The Kids Entertained

Of course, it is not always easy to keep the children active and engaged, but your travel should not be focused solely on them. The enjoyment of everyone in the family is important, and group activities can keep the entire team in good spirits. Similarly, a useful trick is to fill a smartphone or a tablet with different games and apps so that the back bench of your SUV will stay nice and quiet, immersed in their virtual world, while you are cruising down that “boring” highway. Giving a camera to your kids can also produce interesting and impressive results, and this can also be a fun way to keep them focused and entertained.

Discover The Joys Of Traveling With Children

Traveling and seeing the world is an activity that offers a broad range of benefits, and the vast majority of people enjoy going on a vacation or spending some time on the road. However, young parents are often pressurized into staying home and waiting for their infants and toddlers to grow up, which can last a decade, before they embark on a mutual journey. But, modern technologies and methods of traveling are allowing parents to take their young ones on a trip around the globe, and these adventures can be a source of valuable learning lessons for the kids and a great opportunity to spend some quality time as a group.

Pack for the occasion!

It’s really important that you plan ahead, more on that in a moment, for your trip and pack everything you might need for your adventure. There is nothing worse that having a couple of uncomfortable kids in tow whilst exploring somewhere new. Keep your kids cool and hydrated and if they are still babies, have a plan for moving them large distances comfortably. My husband likes to carry the kids around on a specially built ‘child porter backpack’ by Osprey… When they were still brand new babies, we used to travel with a GB Lyf Travel System stroller, you can check out a review here. 

The Importance Of Planning

Without a proper plan, any activity in our lives does not have strong chances of survival. Strategies and preparation allow us to predict many things, and even though it is impossible to know everything that will happen – plans will enable us to organize ourselves accordingly and to reduce the hassle while we are traveling. What this means is that you should book your accommodation well in advance, and you should also double check everything before you leave home, and all of these steps will save you from a lot of headaches and frustrations later on.

Reasons For Taking The Kids With You

As we already mentioned, the chance of seeing the world and experiencing new things is an excellent opportunity to educate your young ones. Also, one of the reasons for taking them along is the fact that good babysitters are hard to find, and if you do not have someone you can trust – it is best to take them with you than to worry for the entire duration of your trip about what is happening back home. Consequently, a common reason is that parents just miss the children too much, especially if the travels are longer than a month.

Tips And Tricks Before You Leave Home

Planning and preparation are necessary, which we already stated, but there are many other things you have to take care off before you take your infants and toddlers on a long-lasting vacation. First of all, you have to make sure that you pack the essentials, and always double check this bag to see if something is missing. Since every child is different and they all have their personal needs and preferences, it is hard to make a universal checklist of items that you need to bring, but medications, first-aid kits, favorite toys, special foods, and similar items will have to find a place in your luggage. If you organize yourself and even engage the children in the actual planning process, everything will go smoothly, and you will experience a wonderful family adventure.


An In-depth Guide On Cheap Travels With Kids

Traveling is a passion for many people, but a lot of them stop with this activity as soon as their first newborn arrives. Unfortunately, a vast majority of young couples are “constricted” by that old myth that traveling and family life do not go well together and that once you become a parent – all your other passions and hobbies have to disappear magically. But no, it doesn’t have to be that way, and your kids can be the ideal company that you can take on a vacation. However, family holidays can put a lot of strain on your home budget, and that is why you should always look for ways on how to save a few bucks during your travels.

Travel During Shoulder Season

One of the essential tips for saving money on a family vacation is to organize the trip during off-peak months, which means that you should go to a beach destination in September instead of July and August, and so on. This type of timing will bring several benefits your way, but the most important ones are the fact that the crowds will be gone by the time you get there, and – the prices will plummet, cutting your costs in half or even more. Head to South East Asia around this time, it’s cheap, great weather and surprisingly kid friendly!

Stay In An Apartment, Not In A Hotel Room

Kids need a lot of space, and hotel rooms will often provoke their sensitivity and even aggression. Apartments and condos will cost much less, but they will reward you with a broad range of features and advantages. One of the primary benefits is the fact you will be able to prepare your meals, and instead of going to expensive restaurants for every single meal – your kids can eat their favorite cereals or similar meal in the comforts of the apartment. By doing so, not only that you save money for accommodation, but you are also skipping costs thrown away on overpriced foods in fancy restaurants.

Use Public Transit And Don’t Over Pack

Traveling light is easier said than done when you have kids on board, but it is vital that you do not over-pack and stuff your bags with unnecessary items. First of all, you will have to pay additional fees if your baggage crosses the allowed limits, and these extra charges can put a dent in your intentions to save some money during the trip. Secondly, it will be easier for you to move around and take care of the children if you are not as heavy as a tank. This flexibility will allow you to explore some unusual but highly effective methods of transportation, such as public transport. Your kids will enjoy going around an unknown town in a bus or a cable car, and this activity will, at the same time, present a unique sightseeing opportunity.